Are you grumpy until you get your coffee? Love the smell of a fresh pot of Joe? If the world’s most popular caffeinated beverage gets your heart pumping in more ways than one, these beautiful upcycled light fixtures from Lampada should be just your cup of, um, coffee. Handmade by former Brazilian journalist Vilma Farrell, these artistic lamps feature delicate shades made from recycled coffee filters in their natural colors or dyed with vegetables and spices.

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“My inspiration comes from Brazil, my country,” explains Farrell on the Lampada Etsy page, “Brazil is a land of dark coffee, rich spices and muita alegria (happiness).” Each lampshade is unique because the process, from beginning to end, is done one at a time, and from scratch. “I cut the wire cloth and tie it together by hand to make the frame of the lampshade,” said Farrell. “The coffee filters are dried, cleaned, dyed (or not) and cut one by one also by hand. Finally, I weave each coffee filter into the wire frame. A coat of varnish protects and gives durability to the final product.”

Farrell’s lamps come in all shapes and sizes – from large table-sized pieces to smaller pendant lamps. The design, color, and pattern for each is unlike any other, ranging from deep reds for a more romantic mood, to stark white for cleaner lighting. Farrell even offers some framed wall art and candle holders also made from coffee filters. Prices range from $65 to $200.

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