New York is known as a city fuelled by coffee, and now one of its residents is using the love of the Italian brew to create these cool lamps made from used coffee filters. Vilma Farrell, the designer behind Lampada, collects and converts old coffee filters and recycles them to make an assortment of lampshades. With the soft tones from the coffee stains, the lamps give off an atmospheric low-light — just add a low energy bulb to make the design even more sustainable!

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The unusual materials are transformed into unique designs in the living room/studio of the stay-at home-mom, where Farrell cleans and dries out the filters. She forms the shades using wire cloth and then covers or weaves them with the filters in interesting formations. For colorful alternatives, the designer sometimes stains the filters with vegetable juice or spices such as beets or saffron. The final touch is a layer of varnish to seal the shades and ensure the lamp is durable.

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Images courtesy of Lampada