Three years ago the 3D Fast Bus got everybody excited about the prospect of a lane-straddling bus that would eliminate traffic congestion by traveling over lines of cars. Now, as Treehugger reports, TBS China has unveiled the Land Airbus – a giant car-swallowing bus that could actually hit the streets of China. The vehicle is longer than previous versions, it can bend around corners, and it travels along rails to enable smaller vehicles to pass underneath.

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This innovative urban transportation solution has a high-tech interior that is entered via a glass elevator that drops down at air lift stations. While passengers are getting on and off the vehicle, there is no hold up in traffic – cars just keep going under the Land Airbus.

The company has released a video of the Straddling bus that shows the vehicle navigating streets as a structure that steps across two traffic lanes with a hollow lower part that lets cars pass through. TBS China claims that, compared to Metro, the new public transportation vehicle would cost less, have a shorter construction period and almost match passenger capacity. It is an economical and safe way of commuting that eliminates spending hours stuck in traffic.

Via Treehugger