This year’s Milan Furniture Fair offered an unforgettable green dining experience – a meal entirely cooked by the sun! Sponsored by the Finnish beer company Lapin Kulta, the Solar Kitchen Restaurant set up shop on its first stop in a tour across Europe this summer. Catalan Designer Marti Guixe and Finnish foodie Antto Melasniemi teamed up to bring this innovative culinary treat to select diners in multiple cities.

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Using only solar energy, the kitchen will set up shop in cities across the Arctic Circle including Milan, Stockholm and Helsinki. Because solar heat greatly affects the texture and taste of food, each eating experience will be unique and new to the lucky diners. Meals are cooked via pots and pans placed in the center of giant concentrating solar dishes, which look more like satellites for your television than implements for cooking a gourmet meal.

The weather will determine the type of food being prepared, and since we know solar exposure can be unpredictable, it can change on a moment’s notice. Sunny days call for barbeques, while salads and low-temperature dishes will be served on rainy or cloudy days.

Part gourmet eatery, part environmental study, and part art installation, the Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant celebrates the joy of food, drink and its relation to our environment. The solar kitchen presents nature’s finest, cooked by nature, in a menu basically dictated by nature.

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