This year during the Great Sierra River Clean-up, over 2,500 volunteers banded together to collect discarded junk and rubbish that made its way on to the picturesque California landscape. According to the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, the Great Sierra River Clean-up, which is now in its fourth year, saw the collection of about 90,000 pounds of trash!

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The event, which is sponsored by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) in partnership with 47 community organizations throughout the Sierra Nevada, collected everything from appliances to car parts and other debris.

“About two-thirds of Californians get their water from the Sierra, so it is noteworthy that so many volunteers take part in cleaning up our rivers, lakes and streams,” said SNC Executive Officer, Jim Branham. “In just four years, the Great Sierra River Clean-up has removed 571 tons of trash and debris from our watersheds.”

As part of the clean-up, volunteers walked through the region’s beaches and riverbanks collecting paper trash, aluminum cans, plastic bags, cigarette butts, cardboard, glass bottles and other items. The volunteers had also found some rather “interesting” items, including  a rubber chicken, a four-piece wooden toilet with a duck-taped seat, a concrete statue of a rabbit and an old-fashioned lamp post.

The Great Sierra River Cleanup took place at 100 sites in the region including every watershed. Now in its fourth year, the cleanup event is the largest annual one-day volunteer event in California. Some estimates report that the event attracted 57,442 volunteers and resulted in the removal of 320 tons of trash and recyclables over the whole of the state!

+ Sierra Nevada Conservancy

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Images: Sierra Nevada Clean-Up Facebook Page