The life-sized LEGO Forest consists of 15 iconic LEGO ‘pine’ trees, each sized 4 meters in height, and 15 sets of flowers.  Rising from Broken Hill’s distinctive red soil, the LEGO Forest pieces are perfect replicas of the original plants – but they’re sized 66 times bigger to create a surreal life-size play world.

“To have such an iconic brand that so many Aussies grew up with, set against the classic Australian outback is a wonderful sight,” said Wincen Cuy, the mayor of Broken Hill. “I’m sure both locals and tourists of all ages will have a lot of fun discovering the magic that LEGO Forest will bring to Broken Hill.”

In April, the LEGO Forest stood in Sydney’s bustling Martin Place, where office workers enjoyed its bizarre contrast with the surrounding city. “After LEGO Forest received an incredible welcome in Sydney, we wanted to ensure fans of LEGO in regional NSW would have the chance to see these life-sized trees up close and personal,” said Caroline Squire, Director of Marketing, LEGO Australia and New Zealand. “When thinking about a typical Australian location that would bring to life the colour and vibrancy of the Forest, we couldn’t go past Broken Hill. The contrast of the larger-than-life green trees against the vast red Aussie land is an unforgettable sight!”

For those of you that live down under, The LEGO Forest will be on display at the Living Desert from 8.30am to 6pm throughout the school holidays, and it will close on Thursday July 12th. There is no charge to view the LEGO Forest, but there is an admission charge of $10 per car or $4 per person for entry into the Living Desert.

+ LEGO Forest at Broken Hill

Via Huffington Post