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Hidden House, Teatum+Teatum, London, England, minimalist design, skylights, light well, laser-cut, green design, sustainable design, eco-design

The Hidden House is wrapped in a shiny black exterior that seals it off from the rest of the world. This is great in terms of creating an interior intimacy, but not so great for natural light. Which is why Teatum+Teatum introduced a giant central light well – seven meters tall – around which the interior home is organized, along with skylights and of course the butterfly door.

The striking metal door is laser-cut to resemble rain pouring down a glass window in winter – creating some kind of material connection with the exterior world and allowing diffused daylighting to seep through to the ground floor of the double-story home. Living and sleeping areas overlap, further reinforcing a sense of community and intimacy inside, and the bright, minimalist furnishings make the space especially cozy.

+ Teatum+Teatum

Via MocoLoco

images via Lyndon Douglas