French Foreign affairs minister and acting COP21 president Laurent Fabius announced the final draft of the long-awaited international climate deal will be delivered at 9AM local time on Saturday, one day after the original deadline. Negotiators worked through the night on Wednesday, struggling to overcome sharp disagreements, and Fabius reports that much progress was made on Thursday. He believes the terms of the deal will be finalized today, at which point the agreement will withstand a legal review before publishing. Meanwhile, demonstrators have been active outside the conference center, waving signs and chanting “We want freedom – all your oil, gas, and coal we don’t need ’em.” Critics of the climate deal, like many of the protesters, feel the agreement isn’t going far enough to protect the planet, while others are applauding the effort as a good starting point for future international cooperation in the fight against global warming.

Via Climate Change News

Image via UNClimateChange/Flickr