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LAVA significantly reduces the classroom of the future’s material load by prefabricating it and then assembling the program on site. This is easily achieved with lightweight materials as well as floor and roof “sandwich panels” that are maneuverable and connected using only bolts or screws. It has a green roof that mitigates excess solar gain, thin photovoltaic panels that generate energy, and a rainwater capture system.

During peak electrical loads, the overflow water is used for evaporative cooling, reducing the overall energy requirement. Harvested storm water is also stored in ground pipes that improve thermal massing. This cutting-edge system also ensures stable temperatures that children can handle. Finally, a great deal of attention has been paid to the classroom’s connection to the exterior environment. According to the designers, it is “a space that enhances opportunities for learning and allows remote locations to participate in the future of learning.” This project makes us wish we were going back to school!


Via Arch Daily