French company Le FabShop has come up with a great way to make fruit and vegetables fun for kids. They have just released 14 3D-printable components that transform potatoes, carrots, eggplants and apples into planes, four-wheelers, helicopters and submarines. These accessories, called Open Toys, are open source and can be downloaded for free, then printed and attached to your kid’s favorite  — or not so favorite — fruit and veggies.

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The Open Toys project started in 2013, when Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola decided to reuse scraps of cork and wood to make toys using a 3D printer. She manufactured six small accessories that could transform found objects into cars, planes or helicopters. Soon, wood and cork were replaced with organic objects during harvest season, and the project was further developed by Thomas Thibault, Le FabShop’s trainee in Paris. He also came up with another two additions to the collection — the rocket and the submarine.

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These DIY toys were a smash hit at the Autodesk Pop Up Gallery in Paris, where kids especially showed huge interest. The designs can be downloaded here via Thingiverse and would make perfect Christmas gifts for 3D-printing enthusiasts.

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