Oakland-based Leafcutter Design has created plant-able money that is just as whimsical as Monopoly money but a lot more green. These beautiful paper pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters are embedded with ecologically-responsible, organic, non-GMO seeds and can be planted in to the ground. Add some sunlight and a little rain and these paper goodies flourish into flowers, greens, herbs and salads.

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Seed Money is still at an early stage of development, however this Kickstarter project has nearly tripled it’s intended target of $10,000. You can get behind this innovative and sustainable idea by donating as little as $15 in exchange for your very own roll of pennies. These paper coins will last for 2-5 years—depending on the denomination and seed varieties in each one.

The Seed Money illustrations are lovingly designed around the tag “In Soil We Trust” by Lea Redmond and letterpress printed on thick custom papers embedded with ecologically-responsible, organic, non-GMO seeds at Porridge Papers in Nebraska. Having exceeded their target, the Seed Money team are now making tracks with their logo design in collaboration with Slide Sideways in Tacoma which involves looking at antique US currency for design inspiration.

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