Hunting protected animals with semi-automatic weapons, running over animals with jeeps, and torturing animals before killing them; it sounds too horrible to be true – but a shocking new video shows that a company called Green Mile Safari allowed its clients to do all of the above. The terrible montage of animal abuse is so bad that the Dallas Safari Club sent a letter to Tanzania’s minister of natural resources and tourism stating that “without question, the video depicts some of the most abhorrent displays of unethical hunting behavior and animal abuse ever recorded.”

The video is apparently a promotional tool for Green Mile and features “highlights” from the United Arab Emirates-based company’s 2012 hunting season. Highlights include shooting wildlife from moving jeeps, running over a baby gazelle with a jeep, letting young children shoot at animals and capturing a baby zebra and holding it while it cries. The hunters regularly watch animals writhe and slowly die, and animals are chased with trucks and shot at from close range.

These abuses were revealed in March 2014, but being well-connected politically, Green Mile kept its hunting license until July when Tanzania’s Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Lazaro Nyalandu finally revoked the company’s permission to hunt. Green Mile is currently fighting the decision and has threatened to sue the government for revoking its licenses – with a decent chance to win.

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Tanzanian officials didn’t respond to Motherboard’s request for comment, but Green Mile did – blaming the government and the Dallas Safari Club for the abuses. “The so called ‘wild animal abuses’ as seen in the hunting video were well planned by our business rivals from USA, for reasons best known to them! One may wonder why the Dallas Safari Club praised the minister shortly after he had punished the Green Mile Safari Company.” The Dallas Safari Club got in trouble recently for auctioning off the chance to hunt a black rhino, but according to Motherboard there is no evidence it was involved and the club denied any involvement.

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Images via jasontpkoebler, YouTube