Despite lasting longer and being more efficient than both incandescent and CFL bulbs, LEDs haven’t caught on because of their sky-high prices. But now Panasonic wants to bring LEDs to the mainstream — at least in Japan — with a 60-watt household bulb that the company claims can last up to 19 years, or 40 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

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The EverLed series of lightbulbs, scheduled to be released in Japan on October 21, are the most efficient LEDs to ever be produced, with the E26 “daytime light” model using 85 lumens per watt for 40W bulbs and 82.6 lm/W for the 60W bulbs. The E26 bulbs are also lighter than other LEDs by approximately 40g.

Panasonic’s EverLed bulbs still aren’t cheap — they will retail in Japan for approximately $40 — but the new LEDs will shine a light on the technology since Panasonic manufactures 50% of all household bulbs in the country. And while the upfront cost for Panasonic’s LEDs are expensive, the bulbs actually only cost $2 per year to run when their 19-year lifespan is taken into account. Hopefully Panasonic’s EverLed line will help bring that knowledge to the masses.

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