Christmas is now over but the holiday spirit still lives on through festive decorated trees. Hello Wood recently debuted their annual Christmas tree crafted in their tradition of socially responsive and eco-friendly design. Built in front of Budapest’s largest concert hall, Müpa, the conically shaped Tree of Arts is lit with LEDs and made from dozens of wooden light boxes that will be reused as signage for the concert hall throughout 2017.

Created in the iconic Christmas tree shape, the Tree of Arts is an 11-meter-tall sculpture that towers above Müpa’s public square. The 20-square-meter installation was made from modular wooden boxes of varying sizes that were stacked and drilled together in place. The center of the tree is left empty and three entrances—including a smaller one for children—allow visitors to go inside see the geometric interior.

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The light boxes seen on the exterior of the tree feature the names of performers who will visit the Budapest concert hall next year, including the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, John McLaughlin, and Cameron Carpenter. These light boxes will be reused as signage inside Müpa. The Tree of Arts is the latest project designed by Hello Wood, which has created site-specific and eco-friendly Christmas trees from wood in cities across Europe, including London, Manchester, and Geneva.

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Images © Balazs Turos