Wow those around you by transforming any old household object into a lamp with this “LED Pin” by Korean designer Sungho Lee. To create this subtle, yet awe-inspiring illuminating accent Lee stylized and whitewashed the form of a traditional clothespin. The refreshing take on a familiar design successfully turns the object’s dollar-store stigma into a museum store find, but it’s the techy twist that makes it even more notable.

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Lee integrates a battery-operated LED (light-emitting diode) into the area near the gripping points of the clothespin, letting the user become a do-it-yourself lighting designer. Bring new life to those boring desk objects by clipping it to an outdated lamp shade, securing it to a stack of papers, sealing up your lunch bag, or accenting your trusty a pencil holder. Or simply clip it to a folded sheet of white paper for an instant lampshade.

We can’t wait to see where others will imagine pinning this light. Repurposing your boring wares or sprucing up your school supplies was never so delightful!

+ Sungho Lee

Via Designboom