Designed by Joon & Jung Studio ‘The Living Light’ is a LED pendant lamp that blossoms and expands when people are nearby. Using a programmed microchip, this human-centered design ‘magically’ gets bigger, wider, and brighter as it senses motion in a room, and it automatically switches to an energy-saving mode when nobody is around.

Based Eindhoven and raised in Korea, Joon & Jung is a young product design studio that creates fantastic, adorable objects with a human touch. By tempering technology with human interaction, ‘The Living Light’ seeks to provide a ‘natural experience’ as it expands with subtle movements reminiscent of the blossoming of a spring flower.

Energy efficient and assembled by hand, the blossoming light welcomes people under its wooden veneer umbrella with a delicate light that only consumes 15 watts of energy.

+ Joon & Jung

Photo © Joon & Jung