As the decade comes to a close, a whole new kind of light is being spread around the Times Square New Year’s ball-drop – the super-efficient kind! The famous glittering ball, the gargantuan “2010” sign and the seven screens around New York City that will broadcast the event tonight will all be made from LED lights. The ball itself will consist of 32,256 LED lights in a rainbow of colors projected through Waterford Crystal triangles.

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The LED lights are supplied by Philips and are set to last three times longer than the halogen bulbs they are replacing and are up to 80 percent more efficient. Phillips will also be introducing an affordable line of consumer LED lighting this year.

And the LEDs aren’t the only thing green in the Square this year. New York City residents and visitors can have a hand at powering the lights by pedaling the Duracell stationary bikes that capture your energy and conserve it to light the 2010 sign.

So tonight, as we watch that famous–and now eco–ball descend into 2010 let’s all raise a glass of organic wine, make our green New Year’s Resolutions and hope that this small energy-efficient makeover leads to an even greater sustainable movement in the coming year!