Bořislavka Center is a master plan that encompasses four separate buildings on a single lot in Prague, Czech Republic. Designed by Aulík Fišer Architects, the development is a result of ideas formed during a design competition that outlined comprehensive project goals. 

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A large glass building called the Bořislavka Centre with a city street in front of it

Client KKCG Real Estate Group identified the site’s complexity due to topography, triangular shape and location among a mixture of residential and business needs. To find the best solutions to address these issues, the group held an international architecture workshop. The winning bid was presented to Aulík Fišer Architects for its attention to the critical elements of sustainable function and aesthetic appeal.

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A planter area in the middle of a building

Furthermore, the project includes a shopping center on street level with office spaces above. With a diverse mix in the neighborhood, developers felt the needs of local residents were underrepresented. Therefore, they placed an emphasis on providing urban services such as cafés, restaurants and shops.

“Besides the office and business functions of the complex, our main goal was to supplement public services and amenities in the catchment area, and improve access to the metro station,” said Petr Pujman, CEO, KKCG Real Estate Group. 

Planter walls beside dining seatings

In addition to the energy-efficient design, the proposal called for attention to the surrounding public space in regards to pedestrian access and flow. The landscaping and urban design elements were prioritized as well. 

Architects Aulík Fišer said, “What we considered the greatest strength of the design brief was the ambition to reach out and help improve the neighboring areas.” 

A white art work above a black center lobby area

Thereby, the interior design of the buildings match the curves and angles of the exterior. It creates a unity and balance from outdoors to indoors. The mostly black, white and gray color palette contrasts natural materials such as wood ceilings. Overall, the structures speak to sustainable design through expansive natural light via large and strategically-placed windows. Energy-efficiency is seen in big ways through heat exchangers. While it is seen in smaller ways, through energy recovery from elevators. 

A meeting room table with a glass artwork in front floor-to-ceiling windows

Meanwhile, rainwater collection systems reduce water requirements. It also balances the needs of the green roofs and copious plants throughout the levels in each building. The landscaping between buildings incorporates gardens and art installations. As a result of these and other efforts, the Bořislavka Center earned LEED Gold Certification.

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