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Urban Reserve was designed as a sustainable neighborhood, made to reclaim the land from its landfill past. Encouraging minimal and space efficient homes, the area has become a beacon of modern urban planning geared toward the sustainable set.

Since the site’s former use as a landfill has resulted in poor soil quality, Shipley decided to combat this by building a home that floats above the surface, like a boat. Not only do the concrete stilts secure the house, but they also significantly lessen its impact on the land. Shipley also recycled wood salvaged from one client’s dancefloor into the frame of the Like a Houseboat, cutting costs and energy.

The LEED Platinum home is heated and cooled with geothermic wells, for a natural heat exchange. The exterior of the home was clad with energy efficient pressure-treated wood, a fast and efficient alternate to siding that doesn’t need further treatment or upkeep. Lined with corrugated overhangs, the home has plenty of protected connection to the nature outside, while shielding direct sunlight from the interior.

Like a Houseboat looks as if it could float away, bringing a quirky design to minimal and LEED rated living.

+ Shipley Architects

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