No matter how valiant the attempt, sometimes it is just impossible to finish that last helping of casserole for dinner. Instead of letting perfectly good food languish in the fridge, the developers of LeftoverSwap suggest sharing your leftovers with a member of the community. The smartphone application allows users to take a picture of their dish, identify what is on the plate, and arrange for pickup and delivery.

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The LeftoverSwap team asserts that 40% of the food we produce goes to waste, 25% of us do not know our neighbors names, 16% of Americans lack enough food to remain healthy, and 99% of us do not need that extra helping of beef lo mein. To help solve all of these problems, the application aims to reduce hunger and prevent precious resources from ending up in the landfill. Donors can upload photos of their leftovers and location, and seekers can use the application to browse for meals in the area.

There is no word yet as to how the application will deal with food safety standards, the handling of meat and protein, or setting limits on how long the food can be considered edible. The developers also do not mention whether there is a way to list ingredients in order to avoid problems with allergies or how to appropriately package meals.

The application is still under development, and will be available for Android and iOS operating systems. Interested swappers can sign up for notifications through the LeftoverSwap website.

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Via the Los Angeles Times

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