LEGO bricks have been an inspiring staple for blossoming young minds all over the world for over sixty years, and to continue carrying this tradition into the future the Danish company is incorporating sustainable business practices. Inspired by an aggressive Greenpeace campaign, the company has just announced that they will be taking major steps in reducing their environmental impact by upgrading their packaging to be more environmentally friendly.

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The first step LEGO will make in the plan is to reduce the actual amount of packaging materials used with their products. A great step, but Greenpeace’s plea was not to simply reduce packaging, but to boycott sourcing their packaging materials from a company called Asia Pulp and Paper (APP).

APP is notorious for using paper pulp that is sourced from the Indonesian rainforest, in an area in grave danger due to deforestation. Indonesian rain forests are slowly disappearing, thanks to companies like APP – the company chops down over one million hectares of forest each year. Thanks to Greenpeace, and other organizations like it, many big companies (including WalMart, Mattel, Staples, and Tesco) are now sourcing pulp elsewhere.

In addition to the reduction of material use and seeking out new, sustainable sources for packaging, LEGO has also made a commitment to using recycled fibers whenever possible. Last year, LEGO averaged 75% of packaging made from recycled sources, and they are now seeking to increase that number further.


Via Tree Hugger