LEGO-loving girls may soon be represented in the toy block’s repertoire with a brand new line of female scientists. The trio of scientists form part of a Minifigure Set project by Alatariel, which was designed to amp up the fairer presence in LEGO blocks. The project up for approval has gained enormous backing with a petition supported by the Brave Girls Alliance.

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With such a glaring absence of female LEGO Minifigs, the trio of research scientists would be a great addition to the block sets. The three new figures, which represent women at a research institute, include three scientists and their subsequent labs. The astronomer looks out at the night sky through a LEGO telescope, the paleontologist inspects a LEGO tyrannosaurus, and the chemist mixes contents of two LEGO Erlenmeyer flasks.

Sadly, most LEGO Minifigs have been male. A female surgeon, zookeeper and generic scientists have been released in recent years, but male figures still heavily outweigh female representation. Last year’s “LEGOs for Girls” were met with sexist disapproval, featuring pink gender specific scenarios.

The new pieces present a better message for both boys and girls, with a motto of “explore the world and beyond,” while maintaining equality for both girl and boy LEGO users. The project’s fate is up to the LEGO Review Board, which meets later this month, and if all goes well, the next phase of production should begin later this year!

Via Scientific American