How long does it take you to solve a Rubik’s cube? We’re pretty sure that it takes us longer than 25 seconds — way longer! We’re also sure that this LEGO constructed Droid-controlled Rubik’s solver is a pretty nifty contraption. This LEGO robot holds no secrets, it broadcasts its moves and time spent on an LED display for all to see. While we’re not sure whether or not the intelligent robot is made of used LEGOs (we certainly hope it is!), we definitely hope it serves as inspiration for designers to upcycle old LEGOs into new toys and products.

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This sweet piece of technology was created by David Gilday for ARM. Gilday’s childhood dream was to grow up and play with LEGOs. He built a custom application on the Motorola Droid smart phone to solve the Rubik’s problem and then constructed the LEGO robot. The smartphone monitors the progress by filming the Rubik’s every move on the built-in Droid video camera. The custom built LED screen serves as another point of timing the robot’s actions.

You can watch a video of the LEGO robot in action here. Not only does the robot solve the problem in almost 24 seconds but when it has finished it spins the Rubiks Cube around 360 degrees in all directions to prove it is smarter than you.

+ David Gilday at ARM

Via Gizmodo