What is it with LEGO these days? They seem to be constantly making the headlines. If the company isn’t investing in wind farms, then the general public is using their products to make printers or sending them into space. In January, two teenagers from Toronto sent a LEGO man into space via a weather balloon, but now a Romanian LEGO and space enthusiast has done the same thing — but with a model of a space shuttle!

With funding from Steve Sammartino, a businessman impressed with his project, Oaida Raul constructed a weather balloon complete with GPS and a video camera so he could track his shuttle’s progress and recover it afterwards.

Once he had constructed the shuttle (Lego kit 3367, if you must know), Oaida travelled with his father to Germany to launch his creation into space. Why Germany? Well it seems Romania’s air traffic control rules were more rigid.

The official launch took place on December 31, and the shuttle (attached to the weather balloon by fishing wire) ascended to an altitude of about 35,000 meters (roughly 114,800 ft). While that is not technically ‘space’ (for a variety of purposes though, in order to formally demarcate the difference between air flights and space flights, the official boundary has been declared to be at 100 kilometers), it is still high and the video footage is impressive.

Oaida attached a GoPro Hero video camera to the balloon to record his project’s progress. What is more amazing is when the balloon returned to Earth, the shuttle was still in one piece. Personally, we’re surprised the video camera was as well!

Click below to read about the project, dubbed 2001: A Brick Odyssey, on Oaida’s blog.

+ Oaida Raul

Via The Register