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Created by the Copenhagenize Design Company, The Flow is a system of pre-fabricated, interlocking modules made from a combination of 100% recycled plastic and wood. Each module snaps together to create grade-separated cycle tracks of varying widths and unlimited lengths. Unlike the average potholed and puddled city street, these rugged modules will be slip-resistant and water-permeable. The system will also include ramped tiles to help cyclists get on and off the elevated bike lane.

To illustrate the simplicity of the process, Copenhagenize’s advertisements show children putting together the bike lane in four easy steps, from lifting each individual tile to clicking it into place. According to Copenhagenize, a small team can put together over half-a-mile’s worth of track in just one day. The company also offers a consultation service to help cities decide on where to place the temporary cycle tracks according to best practices and collected data.

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Via Fast Company