Today’s eco fashion options can sometimes seem other-worldly or suggestive of a world that we hope to soon inhabit. The best designs often stem from one’s native surroundings and feature eco-friendly textiles that are context sensitive and sustainably considered. Occasionally, though, a designer references far-off horizons, distant galaxies and deep space as away to bring us closer to the fragility and marvels of the universe and its complex workings. Enter Leila Hafzi’s stunning collections inspired by the scope of NASA photography with a unique spin on scientific prediction, colorful dreamy space, and enviro-art intuition.

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Leila Hafzi’s ethical collections are best known in Europe – Norway specifically, although her recent premiere on the cover of Eco Fashion World has definitely captured the attention of eco-savvy fashionistas everywhere. With ethical fair-trade production currently underway in Iran and Nepal, the designer seeks to set the stage for an atelier that wondrously celebrates “cultures in fusion’. Her latest chiffon-like, green gown collection has been capturing the attention of celebrities looking for the next big thing. Not easily lured into the centrifugal pull of shifting trends, the designer has been quoted as saying:

“I was inspired by NASA pictures of black holes and distant galaxies, and it made me think of our own fragile ozone layer and the ozone molecule O3.”

Leila Hafzi’s designs have also made a big impact at the Ethical Fashion Shows in Paris. In regards to her environmental practices and the incredible colors she alchemizes on fabric, the designer elaborates:

“We use different techniques, everything is hand-made. First, to get the vibrant colors, we premiered AZO Free dyes in Nepal. These are the legal standard dyes in Europe, but most Asian countries don’t have that regulation and work with dyes that are extremely harmful to the workers’ health… For the paler colors, we are experimenting with herbal Ayurvedic dyes to preserve the purity of the organic materials.”Eco Fashion World

Ayurvedic dyes? I am sold. We love that Hafzi is not afraid to highlight her investigation of nature, global climate change, and astronomical phenomena while also making women look totally out of this world in the process.

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