We’ve all heard of pieces of furniture that act as conversation pieces, but how about a table that not only starts conversations but actually looks like a giant speech bubble? Brilliant! Constructed entirely of scrap pieces of cardboard, Leo Kempf’s conversation table is sturdy, witty, and an excellent option if you’re looking for a coffee table that will get your guests talking every time they come over.

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Inspired by Frank Gehry’s “Wiggle Chair,” the Conversation Table is made out of several sheets of corrugated cardboard stacked on top of one another and cut to form a speech bubble shape. To save on material, Kempf then uses plywood spacers between the layers of cardboard. The resulting table is handsome, lightweight and offers space to store or display items.

The conversation table will be on display at 360 See Gallery in Chicago along with a matchingcurved wall-shelf using the same materials. We’re glad to see yet another talented designer demonstrating the versatility of cardboard in so many new and exciting ways.

+ Leo Kempf Design

+ 360 See Gallery