Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is taking President-elect Donald Trump to task on the topic of climate change. At this month’s United Nations Correspondents Association awards ceremony, DiCaprio called out a “few, very prominent people” who still deny the science on climate change – and then suggested that climate action offers America’s “biggest economic opportunity.”

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Hopes soared when DiCaprio met with the President-elect’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, earlier this month. The actor even met with the President-elect to clue him in on the fact that renewable energy could generate millions of jobs. But with top government positions offered to people like ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson and Energy Transfer Partners board member Rick Perry, it seems Trump refuses to acknowledge the science on climate change.

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As DiCaprio received a prize at the U.N. event, he said the truth about climate change is spreading like wildfire. He said the world’s scientists have come to “overwhelming conclusions” that climate change is “largely human-caused and needs immediate urgent attention.” The actor and activist also said that “In less than 100 years of our pollution-based prosperity, we humans have put our entire existence in jeopardy.”

DiCaprio’s recently released film Before the Flood is one of the most-viewed documentaries in history – and according to the actor, the impressive statistics show “just how much the world cares about the issue of climate change.” National Geographic Channel issued a press release back in early November stating the film was the “most-watched documentary in the world since 2000, and the most watched National Geographic film ever released.”

DiCaprio also had a message of hope for those who fear backward environmental policies from Trump. “To those who may be discouraged by nay-sayers, let me remind you, the environmental awakening is all over the world and the progress we have made so far…has always been because of people, not governments.” The actor listed purchasing cleaner vehicles, eating smaller amounts of meat, and businesses going carbon-neutral as steps people have taken to battle climate change without the help of any government.

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