Leonardo DiCaprio has announced plans to produce a post-apocalyptic climate change film based on a book for young adults. The Sandcastle Empire novel by Kayla Olson will be imagined on the big screen as an unsettling warning against what feels like an inevitable, dystopian future.

According to The Guardian, the acclaimed actor secured the rights to the as yet unpublished book through Appian Way, his production company. The plot follows a young girl who revolts against the radical Wolfpack leaders in a vision of the year 2049 where climate change was ignored and society has collapsed. Themes from the successful Hunger Games franchise are hoped to draw in moviegoers, who will also take with them a powerful plea to take care of our planet while there’s still time.

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After his involvement with the Netflix documentary Virunga, an anti-oil expansion call to action for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo, DiCaprio and Appian Way have already signed on to create even more environmentally themed films for the streaming platform. The star also executively produced an exclusive Netflix release of the factory farming takedown film Cowspiracy last year. Although there’s no sure bet the young adult novel will make it all the way to film production, having the backing of a loud and proud Hollywood environmentalist increases the odds. Maybe we will even see DiCaprio himself star in the final product.

Via The Guardian

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