We love seeing cool urban gardening systems that allow space-starved city dwellers to grow their own vegetables, and the Leopoldo City Garden is another great design for green-thumbed readers. The Barcelona-based studio has created a set of practical gardening containers that are perfect for planting on a balcony. The trays can transform a rooftop or terrace by adding an edible herb or salad garden, and they’re a fantastic way to make the most of any small outdoor space.

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Made from 100% recyclable material, the Leopoldo was created to “give you the pleasure of eating produce you grow yourself, in an attempt to make life a bit more fun.” In 2001 it was even given the well-deserved ADI-FAD design award. We hope to see the Leopoldo City Garden spread urban gardens to rooftops everywhere.

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Images courtesy of Leopoldobcn