Levi’s is a recognizable name harking back to its beginnings in 1853. A company like that lasts through the ages by achieving success through innovation. In the current zeitgeist, Levi’s goals are to embrace sustainability and overcome the challenges of changing the ways a company does business.

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Each season’s product lineup brings a deeper focus on Earth-friendly material selection and conservative manufacturing practices. The newest Wellthread collection is more than a line of clothing; it’s an example of the changes the company has already made and a snapshot of its goals for the future. The spring and summer 2021 Wellthread releases include garments made with 55% hemp content.

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With the availability of hemp increasing due to changes in legislation, an increasing number of businesses have started realizing the financial and environmental benefits. Hemp requires significantly less water to grow than cotton. Like all plants, hemp absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, storing it in the ground, and releases oxygen. Hemp also reduces the need for toxic pesticides, and it enriches rather than strips the soil. Levi’s products still contain some cotton, so the company has committed to increasing the quantity of organic cotton, which is less polluting than traditional cotton.

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“Our Wellthread design methodology prioritizes environmental sustainability in the materials we use,” said Una Murphy, senior innovation designer at Levi’s. “This spring we continue to refine and develop hemp, seeking ways to optimize it for our collections. Our hemp denim products not only meet our customers’ expectations of authenticity and comfort but also reduce our garments’ water footprint.”

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In addition, the collection utilizes plant-based dyes that are applied with ultrasonic wave technology, which reduces the chemicals required to insert the dye into the yarn. It also relies on natural indigo grown in the U.S. that serves as a replacement crop for tobacco farmers.

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Levi’s has remained a classic for over a century and a half because of its quality and timeless style. The new collection is no different, with a renewed interest in making clothes that are both durable and multipurpose. One example is the women’s trucker jacket, which provides a silhouette that is both adaptable and sustainable in regards to short-circuiting fast fashion.

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In the men’s collection, a new release, the 551 Z, is an authentic straight fit jean updated with a zip fly. In addition, the company continues to offer 502 jeans made with organic cotton and Circulose, a breakthrough material made from worn-out jeans that came about following five years of research in circular denim design.

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Levi’s continues to move the bar, setting higher sustainability goals with each release. “We’re proud to bring forward this latest Wellthread®  collection,” said Paul Dillinger, VP of global product innovation. “It builds on all the work we’ve done in the past and continues to expand the future possibilities of design that makes sustainability the top priority at every step of the process, while still delivering products that consumers will love.”

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