Designed by architect Michael Strain and his team, Levitation is a concept bike designed to power your smart phone that also acts as a mobile hot-spot with unlimited Wi-Fi access. It has an on-board generator, high-capacity batteries which can store energy produced while cycling, and a “drain plug” system that allows the user to plug that energy back into the grid.

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The high-tech bike uses magnetic levitation and kinetic energy to lift itself up and decrease wind resistance and absorb the impact from stones and bumps. The impetus of the bike generates power and elevates the front and back wheels, connected only by the power of the magnets. When it slows down the bike rolls on the street just like any conventional bike.

It would be made from moldable, completely non-porous and easy to fabricate HI-MAC material, which would allow it to be rapid prototyped and custom-made. The LED screen monitor informs the user of the traveled distance and the amount of energy generated into the rechargeable battery. You can charge your mobile devices while riding by plugging them into USB ports and use the internet anywhere you go. The bike was entered into the 2013 HI-MACS Annual Design Contest which calls for object or installation designs that can be made from HI-MAC Solid Surface material.

+ Levitation Bike

+ 2013 HI-MACS Annual Design Contest