Move over, entry-level hybrids — the Lexus CT 200h is coming to dealerships near you. The new hybrid bridges the gap between the drivable Toyota Prius and hot hybrid sports cars with its sleek and stylish design, great handling, and luxury features.

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Lexus has adapted its motto of “Dark Ride” to “The Darker Side of Green,” for its new hybridmodel. Aimed at young, hip buyers in the 25-39 age range, the CT 200h offers environmentally conscious car buyers a sporty car that comes complete with an ergonomic cockpit, interior options, aerodynamic design, and a low center of gravity excellent handling.

The green features are extensive. The CT is not only made from bio-sourced materials, but is also 85% recyclable. The interior upholstery is made from NuLuxe fabric, which has the supple softness of leather but can be manufactured with fewer carbon dioxide emissions than synthetic leather. The exterior features 89 LED lights — including two headlamps — and the car produces almost 60% fewer smog-forming emissions than comparable vehicles. Using its hybrid system the CT 200h gets a cool 42 miles per gallon and accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 10.3 seconds, topping out at 112 mph.

With ever-rising fuel costs, a hybrid or electric car makes makes good financial sense, and Lexus has priced the CT 200h at about $5,000 less than its other models. The combined green features, luxury design and low price tag makes the CT 200h the ideal car for hip young car owners.

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