Lexus has created one of its most unique cars yet – a full size vehicle made of recyclable laser-cut cardboard sheets. At first glance Lexus Origami Car may look like the Lexus IS sedan, but if you look closer you’ll see that the traditional sheet metal, glass and plastics from the production car have been replaced by 1,700 cardboard sheets. And it drives. For real.

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To create the unique Lexus Origami Car, Lexus teamed up with London-based LaserCut Works and Scales and Models. Lexus says the Origami Car is a “celebration of the human craftsmanship skills that go into every car Lexus makes.” The Origami Car has a full interior, functioning doors, headlights and rolling wheels. And thanks to an electric motor mounted on its steel and aluminum frame, it can even be driven.

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How did Lexus do it? For starters, the automaker provided the team with a digital 3D model of the IS, which was then divided into a series of principal parts, such as the main body, dashboard, seats and wheels. These were then digitally rendered in 10mm “slices” to provide the two-dimensional profiles needed to laser cutt each of the 1,700 sheets of 10mm-thick of cardboard. To keep everything together, a water based wood glue was used. It took three months to build the Origami car.

“This was a very demanding job, with five people involved in the digital design, modeling, laser cutting and assembly. Just like Lexus, we were committed to producing the best possible quality,” stated Ruben Marcos, Scales and Models Company founder and director.

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