The hoverboard is one of those keen technologies promised to us by Hollywood that simply hasn’t become part of our every day world. We’re still craving that futuristic update with bated breath, and now Lexus is getting in on the action. This week, the luxury car maker introduced their latest contribution to high-tech transportation with SLIDE, a cool-looking magnet-driven hoverboard that really works.

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The SLIDE hoverboard incorporates classic Lexus-branded luxury, complete with the company’s iconic spindle grille signature shape. The deck is made from sustainable bamboo, and the futuristic transport module works using magnetic levitation technology similar to that used in Japan’s high-speed bullet train. The SLIDE is also cooled by liquid nitrogen, giving it a wicked “smoke” effect. The Lexus hoverboard is the latest development in the company’s Amazing in Motion campaign, through which the company aims to demonstrate how “amazing things can be achieved” when technology, design, and imagination are combined.

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For the time being, SLIDE exists only in prototype form and there is no projected launch date for public sales. The hoverboard will undergo heavy testing this summer in Barcelona and Lexus has promised weekly updates via the hashtag #LexusHover. There’s no word on whether Tony Hawk has been invited to test it, but we hope so. In the meantime, the rest of the world will wait in breathless anticipation for Marty McFly to return ‘back to the future’ and ride his hoverboard into the sunset, though that day is still a few months off as well.

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Images via Lexus