LG is rumored to be creating a washing machine that doesn’t use water. Reports indicate that the South Korean firm plans to focus on next-generation smart appliances next year, and it’s already working on several cutting-edge designs. According to Engadget, the company remains tight-lipped about the new washing machine project—currently in the early stages of development—and LG has not yet confirmed if the appliance will be completely waterless, or “virtually waterless.”

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LG already has some waterless appliances in more advanced stages of development; The company’s Styler machine, unveiled at CES this year, has the capability for “freshening clothes without detergent or water.” While smart electronics currently in the works include the latest versions of robo-vacuum, which could respond to the clarion call of your voice, and an ecological refrigerator that can keep cooling for six hours without power. The waterless washing machine project remains in the early stages of development and will most probably be a trade secret for some time.

Via Engadget