The next generation of televisions is here. LG has just launched the first organic light-emitting diode TV. The 55 inch OLED screen beats LCD televisions in energy efficiency, plus it’s thinner and it may be available in bendy versions as the technology develops. LG’s Cinema 3D Smart TV may be the first OLED TV, but Samsung plans to release their own version later this year.

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Called the Cinema 3D Smart TV, LG’s OLED screen is available only in South Korea for now, but soon will sold in the United States. The incredible energy efficient TV makes a traditional flat screen seem cumbersome- with the thickness of just three credit cards at its thinnest point and weighs in at just 16.5 pounds. The innovative technology also allows for 3D viewing at home.

For now, the 1080 pixel OLED television isn’t exactly affordable. At around $10,300, it hasn’t reached competitive pricing yet, but like all technology it is expected to fall, reaching more homes in 2014 and become a household item by 2015.

OLED technology pushes beyond LED’s capabilities, bringing more brilliant colors and deeper blacks, in addition to being more lightweight and thin.

Samsung and Sony’s PlayStation Vita are already using the thin lightweight OLED screens in their products, but LG’s TV is the first large scale OLED product. Enthusiasts can sign up on their website to be notified when the OLED TV hits the American Market.

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