At this year’s International CES, LG debuted its curved OLED TV to much excitement, although there was some initial uncertainty as to whether or not the technology would ever hit the market. LG’s Vice President of Home Entertainment Europe has now confirmed that the TV will be available for sale some time in the second half of 2013. With a five-degree turn of the panel, the screen helps to fill in the viewer’s peripheral vision, creating a more engaging experience.

Featuring WRGB technology, the the EA9800 curved OLED TV is an thin display that uses a four color pixel system to create sharp, vivid images. The 55-inch screen can maintain high contrast even at wider viewing angles, and High Dynamic Range (HDR) algorithm has been incorporated to maintain color consistency. A Smart Touch Control lets the user interact with the TV by changing channels, adjusting volume, or powering on and off. Able to generate its own light, the TV does not need a back structure making it very thin and light. Placed next to one another, the displays can create a cinematic curve, recreating the movie theater experience on a smaller scale. Home theaters are about to get a whole new shape.

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Images via LG and ElectoTube screen capture.