We love OLED technology here at Inhabitat – for years it has been heralded as the next stage in energy-efficient displays, as OLED screens generate their own light, eliminating the need for backlighting. So far we’ve seen small-scale applications of the technology in everything from laptops to mobile phones, however Korean electronic company LG is aiming big with plans to create the world’s largest OLED display unit – a massive 55 inch television.

LG announced that they will unveil the world’s largest OLED TV in just a few weeks at CES 2012 – and they say it will show the brightest, sharpest and biggest images ever seen on a commercial screen. The TV will also show off another benefit of OLED technology – an extremely thin screen. Since OLED sets generate their own light, the panels can be shrunk down to a mere 5mm thin.

Of course, technology this slick doesn’t come cheap. While there is no word on how much the 55-inch screen will cost, a 15-inch OLED screen from LG was priced at $3,000 – just think how much the world’s largest will cost. Unless you are a Saudi sheikh, I think you can cross it off your birthday wish list.

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