Liberty Electric Cars just unveiled the Deliver electric delivery van. The development of vehicle was partially commissioned by the European Commissions’ 7th Framework Program, which brought together 10 companies including Fiat and Volkswagen. The futuristic prototype is expected to usher in a new era of similar delivery vehicles that will transport goods with a smaller carbon footprint.

The fully functional Deliver prototype is a very futuristic electric vehicle that looks more like a concept car than anything currently on the streets. It’s large curved windshield and the removal of the curbside B-pillar make it an immediate stand out. The Deliver weighs 4,850 pounds, has a 1,543 pound payload, and according to Liberty, also has 18 percent more cargo capacity than other similarly sized vehicles.

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The Deliver is powered by in-wheel electric motors that are connected to a Li-NMC (lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide) battery pack. The Deliver has a range of around 62 miles with a top speed of 62 mph. If Liberty really wants to compete in the electric delivery vehicle segment, it will need to beef up the power of its battery, since the Nissan e-NV200 has a range closer to 100 miles and can be re-charged up to 80 percent in 30 minutes. Liberty is expected to release more information about the Deliver soon.

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