Lifeboats from the Kulluk oil rig that ran aground in Alaska on December 31, 2012, may have leaked as much as 270 gallons of diesel fuel into the waters along the shoreline, said U.S. Coast Guard officials. Each of the survival boats that were left behind after the oil rig was towed for repairs had a 68-gallon fuel tank.

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A preliminary assessment of four lifeboats and one rescue boat at Sitkalidak Island, near to where the Kulluk oil rig was grounded, has revealed some damage, said the officials in a statement issued late Wednesday. One of the tanks appeared to be intact while two of four tanks were damaged and one was inaccessible.

According to the response team, there has been no fuel leak from the oil rig itself. With salvage experts on board, Kulluk was pulled back to sea late night Sunday, and was towed to Kiliuda Bay for inspection.

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Photos by U.S. Coast Guard