Your parents may have told you to eat your veggies, but we bet they never reminded you to turn them off when you leave the room. But they may have if you’d had ‘LIGHT BULBO’, an ingenious lamp made of a meter-length vegetal sponge which comes from a gourd in the pumpkin family. Conceived by clever Brazilian designer Duda Carvalho, the hanging lamp is illuminated by white LEDs inside. Now you can eat your veggies and illuminate your room with them too!

‘LIGHT BULBO’ is a play on words for the English term ‘light bulb’ and the Portuguese word ‘bulbo’ which refers to a particular characteristic of bulbous plants like aubergines, squashes, and other long, fat and round veggies. Carvalho found inspiration in the way the vegetable hangs in nature – which is very much the way that it hangs as a light.

The bulb has innate chambers inside which enabled the setting of an LED circuit, and its peeled netted body works as a diffuser through which light responds in organic patterns. When the vegetable bulb is dried, nothing can deform it, but when discarded in the environment, it decays completely, making it both an eco-friendly and versatile medium to work with.