When we first wrote up the Hansa Canyon temperature-sensitive bathroom fixtures last year, people went nuts trying to figure out how to procure some of the high-tech LED faucets from the elusive German company. Unfortunately those Hansa Canyon people didn’t seem to be on the ball and were unresponsive to all the email flooding in from the states. Now we’ve just discovered another European company making similar temperature sensitive bathroom fixtures which illuminate your water with blue light when it’s cold, red when it’s hot, and violet when lukewarm.

The Light Delight faucet system was recently introduced by Italian company Equa. (Wonder where they got the idea?) We don’t personally like the traditional design of these quite as much as Hansa Canyon, but for those people who just gotta have the illuminated water faucets, perhaps these will be a little easier to get your hands on? Here’s hoping…

Contact Equa for more details on the Light Delight.

Via Popgadget