SolarCap Light Emitting Tiles are complete, self-contained illuminating devices designed to be integrated into a variety of paving or masonry applications. Well suited for exterior use, they can add both day and nighttime color to patios, walkways, and other outdoor surfaces without additional wiring.

Available in six colors and two sizes, the tiles will fit within most regular paving modules. Photovoltaic cells collect and store solar energy (even in the rain), emitting a soft LED glow at night. These integral paving lights seem to be the next generation of the often used, but less-than-radiant solar powered garden lights. Once these tiles begin to dot suburban walkways, hopefully both solar and LED technology will gain a wider acceptance around the home beyond decorative plastic stakes.

Blackson Lighting is a US distributor of SolarCap Tiles, which are similar to the European/Australian Solarbricks profiled by Treehugger earlier this year.

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