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Chan Architecture clad the exterior of the structure with two different kinds of wood: darker colored vertical boards that cover the bottom storage volume and horizontal bands of a lighter colored timber that clad the facade of the artist’s studio. The wooden façade will gradually develop a silver patina over time to better blend in with the landscape. Inside, blackbutt hardwood and plywood seamlessly cover the floors, walls, and ceiling, creating a warm honey-toned and textured backdrop ideal for the client’s artistic pursuits.

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The artist’s studio has a small balcony that overlooks the chlorine-free natural pool, waterfall, and creek that will be used as a recreational space by the client’s children. Rainwater runoff from the studio’s pitched roof flows down a decorative rain chain into the pool. Water overflow from the pool is fed into the creek that winds throughout the backyard.

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Images via Chan Architecture, © Folded Bird Photography