The Netherlands-based UNStudio recently completed the UNStudio Office Tower, a new construction located on the South Axis in Amsterdam. The 21-story tower was designed to bring amble daylight into the center of the building using various techniques, and relies on an energy efficient design as well as a flexible layout to ensure that the eco-office tower will be useful for many years to come.

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unstudio office tower, unstudio, amsterdam, eco office, daylighting, green building, sustainable architecture Images ©Inga Powilleit

Design of the UNStudio Office Tower began in 2004 and the tower was only recently realized. The exterior is covered in efficient thermal glazing to cut down on solar heat gain whilst still optimizing natural lighting. Bands of white aluminum wrap the building and serve as solar shades blocking of the sun, but also acting as light shelves to bounce light in from above.

Voids scattered around the building’s facade also serve as light wells pulling light further into the building as well as establishing a stronger connection to the outside world. Each void is colored in order to provide a clear identity for the space. Additionally, the office tower features durable, long lasting materials; an underground energy storage system that reduces energy usage by 30 to 35.7%; energy efficient fixtures; water saving cisterns and grey water usage.

The tower was designed with a flexible floor plan, easily adaptable to the needs of new companies who to make their home in the tower. Additionally, if need be, the tower was designed to easily be transformed into a residential complex with little structural changes, and the voids can readily be turned into private balconies.

Lead Images ©Christian Richters