Our friends over at Core77 have just announced a new design competition called LIGHT OBJECTS: A Design Competition on Sustainability. Open to anyone, entrants are encouraged to go beyond mere “sustainability,” and push the idea of lightness – creating objects that are actually beneficial for the environment instead of just less bad.

The impact of our exponentially escalating consumer culture on the environment has blossomed into a widespread and heavily discussed global concern. “Light Objects” asks participants to submit design concepts that are thoughtful, forward-looking, elegant and environmentally beneficial. Entries should push the concept of lightness in every way, from material selection and reduction to objects that actively improve our environment through use.

The winning entry will receive a grand prize of $3000, and 4 runners-up will receive $1500 each. All prize-winners will see their designs realized in multiple computer 3D modeling software packages, and the winners will be displayed at an exhibition in Paris in the fall.

The contest opened June 12, 2006 and closes August 13, 2006; so get your thinking caps on. Winning entries will be notified August 28, 2006.

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