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The Lighthouse for the Dutchman is arranged in a series of concave and convex forms, creating antechamber rooms that are fed by the enormous skylights that reflect the nearby mountains. A transparent window appears behind the chapel room containing the altar, connecting the parishioners inside with the natural beauty of the mountain peak outside. The other volumes are capped with translucent glass, filtering in light through the giant skylights, but offering privacy inside. Meeting rooms and offices reside in each of the volumes, which glow during daytime with light from above.

At ground level, the chapel is lined with glass curtains, bringing relationship between the desert floor and the offices and public areas inside. Natural light is controlled with retractable shades, which can be adjusted in each area of the ground floor. Natural ventilation and passive cooling are made possible by roof hatches in the chapel dome, which can be opened and closed at will.

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