Back in September we wrote about the Lightning GT Electric – a DB9-esque, all-electric GT from the Lightning Car Company. Now just two months later, according to the company’s backer Iain Sanderson, this supercar will soon be entering the “late prototype” phase with 250 vehicles anticipated to hit UK streets by Spring 2012.

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Channeling a 1960s James Bond aesthetic, the Lightning could potentially meet the performance of other supercars, but with zero emissions – the car will boast a top speed of 130 miles per hour top speed and can reach zero-to-sixty in four seconds. The Lightning is also expected to appeal to those who favor the Aston Martin and Bentley models, but who are also environmentally conscious. It’s high-quality, luxury mark is also reflected in its price tag of £180,000.

Sanderson, a London-based marketing entrepreneur who has financed the project for more than three years, says the project has recently been “de-risked” and is in ideal shape to attract the £15.5 million needed for the next two development stages. He added that last week, finance specialist London Bridge Capital began approaching potential backers with formal proposals.

While the Lightning’s supercar credentials are impressive, its green stats are just as eye-catching – it can go 250 miles on a single charge and has four electric motors, one on each wheel. The motors are also powered by the energy stored in their batteries. Meanwhile, the car’s main lithium-titanate battery technology comes from Altair Nanotechnologies,  a company that claims to developed a more stable and less toxic high-powered battery. The hi-tech battery is reportedly meant to have a life span of 12 years, compared to the usual 3-5 years of most common batteries.  However the most impressive aspect of the Lightning is that the battery can be fully charged within a remarkable 10 minutes!

+The Lightning Car Company

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