Calling all San Franciscans!!!! Join us this Saturday, October 20th, and turn off all non-essential lights from 8-9pm, Pacific Time.

So what exactly does one hour of lights out in the city do? Lights Out San Francisco estimates that as much as 15 percent of the energy consumed on an average Saturday night will be saved by turning out lights for merely an hour.

Those interested in supporting the effort will be in good company, as The Bay Bridge and TransAmerican Building have agreed to participate. At a very minimum we hope that local residents will take advantage of the distribution of free compact fluorescent light bulbs throughout the city by Lights Out San Francisco.

Lights Out San Francisco started locally out of the bay area and was later picked-up by the LA times moving the movement to southern California. A grassroots organization started by Bay Area residents, Lights Out San Francisco is run by environmentalists, technologists, writers and educators who all carry a similar passion when it comes to fighting global warming, while finding ways to take action at a local level.

Similar to Earth Hour started in Sydney, Australia, Lights Out San Francisco hopes to be equally successful, and hopefully reoccurring. Earth Hour included participation from over 2.2 million people resulting in savings of 24.86 tons of carbon dioxide. The results from Saturday, October 22nd will be posted on the website, so stay tuned to see what type of impact you made on that night.

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